Latest walls...

I've just came back from Naestved, Denmark. Where I painted a mural fighting against the weather...
Thanks to CMP, Swet and Frederic for making it happen.


Quick update

As I've been on the road I haven't got much time lately to refresh the blog... here goes a quick refresh with the walls I did in Germany, Finland ,Spain and in Netherlands...
Thanks to all the guys who made them possible and the few people that came to show support!

08-2010-Somo, Cantabria.jpg


It's always a pleasure to go and paint in Morocco, back in 2014 I painted in Casablanca, this time I had the oportunity to paint in Rabat. Once more, I had the chance to meet nice people, experience positive vibes, drink Avocado juice and discover the amazing moroccan pastelas.

Truck Art Project

A few weeks ago I was in Madrid for "Truck Art Project", I had 4 days to paint both sides... this is what came out...
Curated by Fer Francés and Óscar Sanz.