Linz, Austria 2018

I've recently was invited to Linz, where I painted back in 2014. It's been a pleasure to go back there and do a new piece.

Thanks to Mural Harbor for making this happen and treating me so well!


Cambodia 2015

I went to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in November last year. I had a few bureaucratic problems that didn't allow me to do something a bit bigger... so I went around trying to paint some smaller format walls till the kind & friendly cambodian police officers stopped me.
Igloo Hong project 2015

Payback + bonus wall

I recently painted a few walls in a plot in Villaverde, Madrid.
Following a bit the process I've been recently doing of leaving aside some effects and colors, I did a wall entitled "Payback", plus a bonus wall done with the leftovers during the last few days...

Bonus Wall

Free Party Truck

Somewhere near my hometown, Spain 2014.

A friend of mine with who I started painting with has been in the Free Party movement for several years now, all the amazing trucks I've had the opportunity to paint were done because of him. So once in a while I get some new trucks to paint and I get the oportunity to hear some crazy stories about drugs, fights and all types of conspiracy theories.