Improvised party

The director of the elementary school I went to, asked if I could paint a mural there…this is the result. It has been a pleasure to return to the playground where some of my first childhood memories took place and leave a small gift.
Escola Mil·lenari de Cardedeu,
Catalunya 2018

Aryz-Cardedeu 2018

"El fin justificado"

Bilbao, Spain 2014.

I've recently painted a wall in Bilbao, following a bit the style of what I've been doing lately ... I spent some of the remaining energy that I still had.
Quite a few neighbors didn't like it that much and as a consequence I had some issues during the process. As I've said more than once I don't paint nice imagery to have public acceptance... of course I don't paint eather to have a bad time, but sometimes you have to deal with certain things when you are on the street.

picture by Jonan

picture by Jonan

Morocco diptich

Casablanca, Morocco 2014

I always thought that the most difficult thing of painting in big formats was too keep the line gesture and the proportions like in the sketches. My sketches have a lot of mistakes and random lines, and somehow I wanted to reproduce that on a wall.
The more effects and colors you use on your work, the more you can hide the mistakes and catch the viewer's attention... when you use the line and not much more, the mistakes can be easily seen....

Thanks to all the guys that made this wall happen.