Linz, Austria 2018

I've recently was invited to Linz, where I painted back in 2014. It's been a pleasure to go back there and do a new piece.

Thanks to Mural Harbor for making this happen and treating me so well!


La Punta, Valencia. Spain

The neighbors of La Punta have been fighting against the extension of the port for many years now. Because of a dreadful urban plan, there is a lot of pressure for La Punta to be segmented. Some parts have a very difficult access due to all the physical barriers that have been constructed. The church of La Punta is a clear example. It is very difficult to access for many of the inhabitants of the area.  
Once I arrived there, I decided to paint some views of the church in order to bring it back to the area from which it is hard to access from.
It’s been a pleasure to get involved in this project in which I had the chance to share moments with some really talented and wonderful people.


Improvised party

The director of the elementary school I went to, asked if I could paint a mural there…this is the result. It has been a pleasure to return to the playground where some of my first childhood memories took place and leave a small gift.
Escola Mil·lenari de Cardedeu,
Catalunya 2018

Aryz-Cardedeu 2018

New videos!!

A few videos of some of the walls I recently did in Saarbrücken and Eindhoven.
Thanks to all the nice people who made them possible.